Nevada Counselors at Law

Wayne A. Pederson, Esq.
Since 1994, Wayne Pederson has represented the best interests of his clients, whether they be charged with a crime, have been met with injury and harm or need assistance with the loss of a loved one. Regardless of the underlying reason, everyone deserves fair representation and it should not be a factor in the quality of counsel. Wayne ensures that the client feels like they are part of our legal team. Wayne has handled hundreds of family law disputes, criminal matters, real property disputes, water issues, parental rights, adoptions, personal injuries and a host of other legal matters in my many years as an attorney practicing in rural Nevada.

During Wayne's practice of law, he has consistently maintained that if he cannot help the people that come to him for help, he will not charge or expect a fee.

Patrick B. T. Mansfield, Esq.

​Patrick cares about you, and cares about his representation. Patrick will listen and work with his clients to provide the best possible outcome of any issue. Patrick comes from a ranching and agriculture background that gives him the character and work ethic needed to give adequate representation; he wants to be the best possible advocate for you as he understands that at the end of the day, you will be living with what happens in the legal system. Patrick is tied to the rural communities as he continues to work on ranches, rodeos, and team ropes. He will bring that same competitive, understanding and ethical mind set to the table to help you.

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